Discussion of issues associated with large amount of virtual machines being introduced in data centers and virtual hosts introduced by Cloud Computing.

This list discusses issues associated with large amount of virtual hosts in data centers and Cloud Computing service. As virtual machines, which allow one physical server to support multiple hosts (20, 30, or hundreds of), are introduced to Data Center, the number of hosts in a data center can grow dramatically. Cloud Computing service also introduces large amount of virtual hosts in addition to virtual subnets. The virtual subnet for Cloud Computing service could allow virtual hosts within one virtual subnet to be located in multiple sites.

This rapid growth of virtual hosts could tremendously impact to networks and servers. One huge issue is frequent ARP requests from hosts. All hosts send out frequent ARP requests due to their cache being aged out in minutes. With tens of thousands of hosts (each with a distinct MAC address) in one Data Center, the amount of ARP packets per second is potentially in the 1,000 to 10,000/second. This rate imposes tremendous computational burden on many hosts. Issues associated with Virtual Subnet for Cloud Computing include proper identity for virtual hosts and virtual subnets, protocol to resolve physical IP&MAC addresses from host identity, and potential virtual hosts’ location information.

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