Coordinated Address Space Management

Applications exist for a standardized interface between the address pool management systems and the upper layer entities (e.g. OSS/BSS, SDN) to manage address pools for various use cases. Consumers that could benefit from a standardized interface might include, Networking & security devices (switches, routers, firewalls, BRAS, …), Physical and virtual, Servers and end-points. Client interfaces for address requests may driven by upper-layer entities/user requirements as well as various attributes, such as device, form-factor, interface, network segment identifier and type, address scope, tenant identification.

The mailing list will support discussion of such an interface and requirements for support variously of private and public IP addresse assignment, various allocation schemes and priorities, leases, pool fragmentation, multi-tenancy, interface to DHCP servers, DNS, NAT pools. The mailing list is is in support of BOF and WG formation actives.

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