Discussion of reliable and deterministic latency attributes

DLNEX is to discuss various latency characteristics that can be exposed by network elements or segments and to explore if there are any latency related attributes that can be utilized by upper layer. For example, could there be latency exposure that upper layer can utilize to plan how to distribute their content to the right edges to achieve optimal user experience? Or something used by Interactive AR controller to optimize their services? Is there any value gained by upper layer expressing that they would rather have fixed latency than losing packets? The discussion is to answer questions like: are there any effective interaction/coordination between upper layer and lower layer to achieve more efficient optimization for latency sensitive services? This discussion group is also a place to showcase the state of the arts in latency optimized switching architecture and interface designs, as the feasibility exercise for achieving reliable and deterministic latency through a network element or a segment. Those latency exposures are the foundation for (future) latency optimized control plane.

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