DNS Directorate

DNS directorate reviewers assist Area Directors, Working Group chairs, and document authors with documents containing DNS-related content.

More detailed guidance on DNS directorate process can be found at:

WG chairs or responsible ADs may request a DNS directorate review via the draft's Datatracker page.

They are encouraged to do so as early in the process as possible to ensure that structural concerns are caught early in the document development.

The DNS directorate secretaries will assign reviews to reviewers, but they are not required to check the list of IETF drafts for DNS-related ones.

The DNS directorate reviews will be sent to the DNS Directorate mailing list, draft authors, WG chairs, and the respective AD.

The DNS directorate reviewers and secretary are volunteers, and serve at the pleasure of the INT and OPS area ADs.

To contact the list owners, use the following email address:


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