End-to-end email security/privacy improvements

There is significant interest in improving the privacy-related properties of Internet mail. One focus of current efforts is on the per-hop (connection-based) protections provided by TLS. However a wide range of other work has a focus on end-to-end protection, at the Internet scale of billions of end users and perhaps millions of operators. Such work typically involves new forms of mail header or body protection, new public key management (compared to S/MIME or PGP), and security mechanisms more appropriate for mobile/web user-agents. Other security-relevant approaches may be discussed if needed. Various proposals and development efforts on this topic are underway outside the IETF. This mailing list provides an IETF venue for discussion of elements that might be commonly needed by such efforts and to identify work that the IETF could do to aid in achieving better end-to-end security deployed for Internet email.

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