The EToSat list is a non-WG mailing list used to discuss performance implications of running encrypted transports such as QUIC over satellite.

Modern geosynchronous satellite networks are characterized by relatively long latency but high bandwidth paths. For TCP, Performance Enhancing Proxies (PEPs) are used to hide the impact of latency on TCP performance. With PEP, TCP connection throughput of greater than 200 Mbps is state of the art over satellite Internet access services. Transports such as QUIC which cryptographically protect transport headers (intentionally) prevent PEP techniques from being applied (for good reasons). The purpose of this discussion list is to explore ideas for getting the performance of transports such as QUIC on par with PEP-ed TCP performance but without the use of a PEP equivalent.

This discussion is being set up on a separate mailing list (a) in order to not distract from near term work of the QUIC working group and (b) because the solution space is potentially broader than just the QUIC protocol. It is also likely the potential solutions will be applicable in networks other than geo satellite networks.

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