Low-Power Wide Area Networking (LP-WAN), also known as LPWA or Low-Rate WAN (LR-WAN)

An LP-WAN has unique constraints, not seen until now - operation in the ISM bands (unlicensed spectrum), very low throughput (300 bps - 50 kbps), very high density (10 000-100 000 nodes per Access Point (AP)), infrastructure networks (star topology, no need for routing), AP diversity (several APs can receive the same signal), coexistence of public networks (country-wide) and private networks (city, building, campus). Asymmetric links are also common, with at least one major technology providing exclusively unidirectional data services.

LP-WANs will form the backbone of major IoT applications related to many domains, such as Smart City, Smart Metering, ITS and are expected to connect 3 billion devices by 2020. There are several such LP- WAN radio technologies (Semtech LoRa, SigFox, Qowisio, others), each having a proprietary, locked-in, non-standard solution for addressing, localization, security, provisioning, AAA, etc. This is the case because the stringent LP-WAN constraints do not allow for classical approaches to be used as-is.

The goal of this mailing list is to discuss the problems that arise in LP-WANs and how the IETF-based solutions apply to them. This is the place to identify the candidate LP-WAN technologies, their specific constraints and limitations, consider the corresponding IETF approaches, and discuss the need for profiles or adaptations of the existing solutions.

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