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This list is to discuss a open interface and a programmable platform to support various IPv6 applications, which may include IPv6 transition technologies, SAVI (Source Address Validation and Traceback), security, data center and etc. This discussion will focus on the problem space, use case and possible protocol extensions. The following questions are listed to be solved via this discussion: (1) What are the problems and use cases existing in various IPv6 applications, e.g., multiple IPv6 transition technologies co-exist? (2) How to enable the applications to program the equipment to tunnel IPv6 traffic across an IPv4 data plane? (3) How this work can be done through a general interface, e.g., to incorporate the transition policies, simplifying the different stages through the transition and guaranteeing that current decisions do not imply a complicated legacy in the future? (4) How to make the end-to-end configuration of devices: concentrator/CGN, CPE and the provisioning system? (5) How to extend the existing IETF protocols, e.g., netconf, to support this open interface?

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