The perpass list is for IETF discussion of pervasive monitoring.

The perpass list is for IETF discussion of pervasive monitoring.

IETF specifications need to be designed to protect against pervasive monitoring where possible. This list is intended for technical discussions attempting to meet that goal.

Discussion is limited to specific technical proposals for improvements in IETF protocols, their implementation or deployment and to IETF process changes aiming to increase the liklihood that development, implementation and deployment of IETF protocols results in better mitigation for pervasive monitoring.

Those with proposals are encouraged to embody them in detailed internet-draft specifications, rather than relying solely on email messages.

The typical modus-operandi of the perpass list should be to identify a credible piece of work, with identified volunteer effort, and then to find a home for that work within the IETF. Once such a home is identified work should move to whatever other lists are relevant.

Note that the perpass list is a non-working group list, that is, there is no intent to form an IETF working group on this topic.

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