Registration Protocols Extensions Working Group

Registration Protocols Extensions (REGEXT) Working Group

The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP, Standard 69) is the standard domain name provisioning protocol for top-level domain name registries. To avoid many separate EPP extensions that provide the same functions, it's important to coordinate and standardize EPP extensions.

The EPP Extensions (EPPEXT) working group completed its first goal of creating an IANA registry of EPP extensions. The registration process of the registry is documented in RFC7451. Extensions may be registered for informational purposes as long as there is a published specification that has been reviewed by a designated expert.

The Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP, RFCs 7480-7484) is the proposed standard for retrieving registration metadata from both domain name and Regional Internet Registries. To ensure interoperable implementations it's important to coordinate and standardize extensions and profiles to be used by registries.

Extensions in both cases that seek the status of Internet standard are subject to more thorough review and open discussion within the IETF.

In addition, commonality may be discovered in related extensions, especially EPP extensions listed on the EPP extension registry, for which it would makes sense to merge them into a single standard extension everybody agrees on.

The REGEXT working group is the home of the coordination effort for standards track extensions.

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