Routing Area General Discussion list

Charter for the Routing Area Discussion List

The Routing Area discussion list hosts discussions of routing issues and other topics relevant to the area. As this is a general IETF mailing list, considerable latitude in topics is allowed.

The IETF Guidelines for Conduct [RFC7154] and Anti-Harassment Policy [RFC7776] apply to discussions on this mailing list, as do all other provisions of the IETF Note Well [NOTE-WELL].

Discussions that fall within the charter of any working group or well-established list should be moved to such more specific forum as soon as this is pointed out. However, it is not required for topics to be brought up on this list before further discussion elsewhere. Specifically, topics that include a well-formed proposal but lack a discussion venue can be brought up in the Routing Area WG list (

Appropriate postings to the Routing Area discussion list include:

Initial discussion of open-ended technical issues that may be candidates for IETF work in the Routing Area, but when an appropriate mailing list has not yet been identified. Announcements of conferences, events, or activities related to routing technologies. Discussions of Routing Area-specific direction and policy.

Discussions of documents going through the standards process and discussions of IETF direction, policy, and the standards process in general are out of scope [RFC9245].

Inappropriate postings include:

Advertising and other unsolicited bulk e-mail Discussion of subjects unrelated to the Routing Area Uncivil commentary, regardless of the general subject, per the IETF Note Well [NOTE-WELL] Announcements of conferences, events, or activities unrelated to routing technologies.

The Routing ADs can appoint Moderators who are empowered to restrict posting by a person or to an email thread when the content is inappropriate and represents a pattern of abuse. They are encouraged to consider the overall nature of the postings by an individual and whether particular postings are typical or an aberration.

The Moderators will model their role after the IETF discussion list moderators [RFC9245]. The Moderators should reach out to the Routing ADs for any conflict resolution in a timely manner.

When directed by the Routing ADs, the Moderators are also responsible for shepherding the discussion of specific topics. In this case, the Moderators will periodically summarize the debate and coordinate with the Routing ADs if meeting time is needed for face-to-face (including virtually) discussion of any aspect.

[NOTE-WELL] [RFC7154] [RFC7776] [RFC9245]

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