List is used by the Routing Area Overlay OAM Design team for internal coordination and discussion

This is public email list for discussion of issues related to Overlay OAM (OOAM) applicable to encapsulations defined by NVO3, SFC, and BIER WGs and coordination of work on existing and new documents.

Detailed Description: This list is for the discussions of the issues related to OOAM.

In the Routing Area, several WGs (e.g. NVO3, BIER, and SFC) are working on relatively new encapsulations to create overlays. These overlay or service encapsulations are transport-independent since they may be over different transports or at different layers in the networking stack. Each WG is starting to discuss what OAM and tools need to be developed (see draft ietf-sfc-oam-framework-00, draft-ietf-bier-oam-requirements-00, and individual drafts in NVO3). With increasing use of overlay and service layer tunnels, extensions to traceroute to allow visibility into multiple layers are being discussed (e.g. draft-nordmark-nvo3-transcending-traceroute-01).

There is an opportunity to propose protocols and methods to provide Overlay OAM in a sufficiently generic fashion that they can meet the requirements and be applied to at least BIER, NSH, VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE, and GUE. A truly successful result would also be applicable to other technologies.

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