Handling IPsec configurations in large scale SD-WAN deployment with constrained resources

SDWAN-SEC Mailing Listing is for discussing optimized or simplified (and in some sense compromised) mechanisms in securing large scale SD-WAN deployment with constrained resources, especially the risks associated with various simplification of IPsec protocol by utilizing SD-WAN central controller. The traditional IPsec scheme requires that in a fully meshed network, each device has to manage n2 key exchanges and (n-1) keys. As an example, in a 1,000-node network, 1,000,000 key exchanges are required to authenticate the devices, and each node is responsible for maintaining and managing 999 keys. In addition, when an edge node has multiple tenants attached, the edge node has to establish multiple tunnels for tenants. For example, for a network with N nodes, a node A has 5 tenants app attached to it, then the node A has to maintain 5*(N-1) number of keys if each tenant needs to communicate with all other nodes. Therefore, simplification facilitated by SD-WAN controller is needed for large scale deployment. However, it is necessary identify the associated risks, so that the industry can make the informed decision on risks that can be tolerated for their specific environment.

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