Selection of Language for Internet Media

A mutually comprehensible language is helpful for human communication. This is true across a range of circumstances and environments. In general, the problem is most acute in situations where there is not a clear choice for a single language, such as environments lacking contextual or out-of-band information regarding the identity of the parties and the language to be used.

This list is for discussion of mechanisms to present and select human language options for Internet applications. Initial drafts address two specific cases that most urgently need a technical solution: One problem space is non-real-time communication, specifically email for one-to-many or where the set of recipients is dynamic or different recipients require different languages; the other is real-time communication, especially emergency calling, and also including other cases where the parties may not know each other personally or where one party wishes to accommodate people with varying language and media needs. Especially for real-time communication, language and media are intrinsically linked, for example, signed languages require a video media.

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