Secure Patterns for Internet CrEdentials

The Secure Patterns for Internet CrEdentials (SPICE) mailing list is dedicated to discussions about "verifiable credentials." A verifiable credential is a set of cryptographically signed statements, typically about a uniquely identifiable subject. It operates on a three-party model involving an issuer (who issues the credential), a holder (who stores, and may present the credential to other parties), and a verifier (who verifies the credential's authenticity). Identity plays a key role in verifiable credentials, and non-anonymous use cases where disclosure of the subject identifier is common. Identities used with verifiable credentials also tend to be long lived and strongly bound to individuals or business entities.

The focus of our discussions is primarily on the application and nuances ofthis model in relation to the IETF's work items, and especially in the use and construction of CBOR encoded verifiable credentials and identifiers for use cases outside of authentication and authorization.

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