Yang of Things

YANG is the method of choice in the IETF for describing data models exposed by manageable items. It is currently being used in the context of the NETCONF (and, increasingly, RESTCONF) protocols, which generally target high-function devices. The Coman initiative (RFC 7547, 7548) investigated requirements and use cases for management of networks with constrained devices. Building blocks for protocols that make this a reality (COMI) are emerging in the CoRE working group; however, CoRE as a WG is not currently focused on network or device management.

The "Yang of Things” (YOT) non-WG mailing list will discuss best practices for using YANG-based data modeling for the management of networks with constrained devices and constrained networks. It will also address how to best make use of properties of the combination of technologies involved (YANG, CBOR, SID, CoAP, RESTCONF, …). Of interest are the ways these same technologies could be applied outside the COMI focus of interest. The YOT mailing list will also be the proper forum to discuss new YANG modules targeting constrained devices and networks.

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